Graphic Designer & all-around creative person

   So you have made it to the "About" page so I will tell you what I am all about!

   I've been working as a graphic designer for 8+ years now. I started out in design way back in college, while working on my college newspaper. The funny thing is, I didn't design much there, I was an editor and played more of an art director role. 

   I've always had a passion for music so I decided that I wanted to write about bands. The universe, however,  kept pushing me toward design. My first job out of college was at a newspaper design studio in Phoenix, AZ. I hated it and moved back to California, where I worked at the Orange County Register for a little over 3 years. While working at the Register I learned how to design fast, and I mean fast. I managed multiple papers and learned how to create something out of nothing. 

   I soon realized that newspapers weren't doing so hot and I wanted to expand my design skills elsewhere, so I did some contract gigs with Disney and LA Magazine. I then landed at Musicians Institute, and I felt right at home. I had my design and music! I was in the heart of Hollywood. I learned a lot about working with people and being the only designer for an entire college. 

  I have primarily been an in house designer, but I freelance as well. I keep an open mind when working with people and if the job gets me hype I am all about it! I love playing with textures, colors and telling stories. I do come from the journalism world, so if there is a good story to tell, count me in!


California State University, Fullerton




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